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Three Natural Fashionistas You Should Follow On the 'Gram

April 20, 2016

These days natural hair is less of a simple hairstyle choice and more of a lifestyle! And it's no surprise. Changing up your 'do can seriously switch up your look and lead to a change in routine, make up, and even your style! 

Looking to change up your look? Find inspiration with a few of our favorite fashionable naturalistas on the 'gram.


Let's face it. Dayna could wear a paper bag and it'd still look chic! Lucky for us the fab mommy graces our timeline with impeccably styled looks that go perfectly with her tapered cut.


Seyi's style is a breath of fresh air. She manages to be crisp and clean but also daring in her fashion choices- something not too many people can pull off!


Cynthia is a print-mixing master and a lover of bright colors. Everything she puts on looks so fun, bright, and bold!

Which fashionistas do you follow on the 'gram? Let us know down below!

Jacque Amadi
Jacque Amadi


Jacque Amadi is a marketing professional and freelance content creator, offering tips for online fashion and beauty entrepreneurs at

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