My Straight Coarse™- Clip Ins

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10 minutes to longer, thicker blowouts with clip ins created just for you! 


Our My Straight Coarse™ Clip Ins, formerly known as Kinky Blow Out, is a gorgeous straight texture. This kinky, yet straight hair has been steam processed to mimic 4C hair texture that's been blown out.

The best part is you won’t need to flat iron the life out of your own hair to achieve perfect blending. It’s beautiful with or without flat ironing. This kinky straight texture also looks gorgeous with wand curls, as pictured. 

My Straight Coarse™ Clip Ins are a great way to seamlessly add fullness and length to your look.


• Mimics natural hair, blown out.
• Available in natural colour only. This ranges from natural black to dark brown.
• 100% human hair clip ins.
• Can be washed, coloured, cut and styled, your way.
• Low lustre, natural blending.
• 4oz/ 9 piece set. Equivalent of one bundle of hair.
• 2 sets is recommended for a full head.


Frequently asked questions

  • A: My Curls ™, My Coils ™ and My Kinks ™ - 60 gram set comes with five (5) pieces with clips attached and all others come with nine (9) pieces with clips attached. 

    Find your perfect volume 
    ▷My Curls ™ Watch Videos
    My Coils  Watch Videos
    ▷My Kinks  Watch Videos

    60g is the equivalent of half a bundle of hair. This is great to create a volume in the crown area or length in the nape and/or pops of colour​
    120g is the equivalent of one (1) full bundle of hair. This will add normal density/volume with your all your own hair left out.
    160g  is the equivalent of one and a half (1.5) bundles of hair. This will add volume to the back of your head with hair cornrowed down OR will add extra volume with your own hair left out​.
    220g is the equivalent of two (2) full bundles of hair.  This will add volume to the back of your head with hair cornrowed down OR will add diva volume with your own hair left out​.

    My Straight Light ™,  My Straight Natural ™ and My Straight Coarse ™ are available in 4oz sets only. Two sets are 
    recommended for a full head style. 

    ▷My Straight Natural ™ Watch Video

  • My Straight Light™ - If you want hair that matches a relaxed/silky, bone straight look, ‘Straight Light’ is the way to go.
    My Straight Natural™  - If you like a more textured, straight look,  ‘Straight Natural’ is a great choice.

    My Straight Coarse™  – If you’re a natural girl and are looking for a straight texture that will blend well with your blown out tresses, ‘Straight Coarse’ is what you want.

    My Curls™  – ‘Curls’ is our loosest curl pattern and blends best with 3C hair.

    My Coils™ – Our ‘Coils’ texture our best seller, has a tighter curl than our ‘Curls’ collection and blends best with 4A hair.

    My Kinks™  – Our ‘Kinks’ texture, is our tightest, kinkiest curl pattern and blends best with 4C hair.

  • A: Yes, you sure can! You can purchase a KinkyCurlyYaki texture sample kit by clicking here .

Beautifully Blown Out.

Name a better blown out texture. We'll wait.


Customer Reviews

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So much like mine!

My first time using this hair brand but primarily I wanted to support a black owned business. I am pleased to say that the product is worth it’s money. I like how the hair weft and the clip is so thin that it is virtually undetectable when placed in your hair. I also like how well it matches the texture of my hair just after a fresh blowout. Even in humid conditions the hair mimics natural hair patterns and looks extremely natural.

Hi Toni, Thank you so much for your review and most importantly, your support! I'm so happy to hear that you love your Kinky Blow our clip-ins! And so happy to hear about how seamlessly it blends with your hair! I'm sure you look absolutely amazing! Keep rocking girl! xoxo Be Blessed! Jada KinkyCurlyYaki Customer Support
Good Clip In's

The first set of clip in's I've ordered was from a different website and they were so thin. The pair I got from here were nice and full. The only problem I had with them is that they might not be full enough. It's hard to judge completely from pictures on if it will fit your texture. Overall, they are a good buy. If you have extremely thick hair like I do, these aren't as thick as you think.

Perfect Match

HI, This is my 3rd time ordering the blow out hair, I have have full bundles then Clip ins. I love this is hair so much.
It's exactly the same texture as my own hair. 4c hair.
I made a ponytail from the bundle that I ordered.
I shampoo once every 2 weeks with Creme of Nature shampoo and Conditioner the while it's wet, a little Argan Oil then air dry overnight.
It doesn't shed or get matted in the back, I have the 16 in and 18 in blow out. I take care of this hair like my own, I am a hairdresser so I'm very cautious.
Plus, very fast shipping.

Great Hair

The hair is great. I love it. Needs some improvement on the clips though.I have 3 of them that don’t close. I am really happy because I tricked my friends and colleagues. They think it my real hair.

Best hair texture and quality

I have never used or purchased clip ins and this is my first time and I am happy I did. I love them and I cannot wait to wear them. I would not mind taking a photo of myself and mailing it in so other customers can see the value in purchasing these amazing hair products. I am just happy to be spending my money with someone who looks like me instead of going to the very people that disrespect our people and at the same time make money off of us. We all know who these people are that I am talking about. They move into our communities and set up shop and sell to us black hair care products and hair and we get no respect. I choose to do business only with people of color and I suggest we all come together and shut these other people down financially and we can do it if we work together. Black people spend a heck of a lot of money on high quality hair products so it’s high time we keep the money flow within our own community. Can I get an amen?