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Coarse Yaki - Clip Ins

Get length, fullness, volume AND you can blend it with your own hair texture!

Coarse Yaki clip-ins are 100% virgin remy hair that has been steam processed to mimic hair that has been relaxed, but transitioning out of relaxer or 3A-C has that has been blown out. More details on the texture.

Created to blend seamlessly with your own natural hair, our clips-ins can be dyed, washed, twisted out, bantu knotted and more!

Each set of clip-ins come with silicone tipped metal combs that can clip in without needing braids to secure the clip-ins.

 One set = One bundle of hair.  Each set contains 10 pieces


Collections: Clip Ins, Coarse Yaki

Type: Clip Ins

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Customer Reviews

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I love the hair,


Love this hair! No complaints thus far.
I've been using it living in tropical environment and its great. Getting my hair to blend perfectly is a challenge - but that's the case with any weave, so nothing unusual.
Only thing I would change is to include some 1 clip pieces. There are several 2 clip pieces, so I just cut it into 2 - not a big deal.

Great Volume But Hard To Style

I ordered the 14” Coarse Yaki Clip-Ins and absolutely loved the thickness of the bundle. I have thick, texturized hair that is 12”. Although I was hoping for more of a Yaki texture, this hair instead felt like Remy with a few crimps and waves as the “texture”. After flat ironing the hair to blend with my own, it became very thin looking on the ends, didn’t hold a curl, and it was obvious that I had extensions in based on the look of the hair after a day outside. It only comes in a “natural” shade, which was too brown for me. I will have to have this hair cut and styled for it to truly blend with my hair. Overall, the sturdiness of the clips, the ability for it to match AA hair textures, price, and customer service is great!

Awesome hair

The blends well and is very manageable.

Hi Joy! Thanks for your purchase and feedback. We appreciate it.-Alanna Davies, Customer Support
Worth it!

I couldn't believe how nice these extensions were. It is so easy to take in and out. This was my first time buying extensions in over 10 years and the brand and easy videos made me feel comfortable and confident to do them on my own. I would go get them trimmed or layered to your liking so they blend well.

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