My Straight Light™- Wefts

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Our fresh out of the salon relaxed texture in wefted bundles for sew ins and custom wigs. 2-3 bundles required for full sew ins. 



Have fine, relaxed hair? Or simply looking to add a little extra volume to your relaxed hair styles? My Straight Light™ formerly known as Light Yaki, wefted hair extensions is a perfect option. 

Machine wefted for smoothness and steam processed to match your bone straight relaxer, our My Straight Light™ bundles give you natural-looking results that are easy to install. 

Our full 3.5oz bundles are great for partial sew in with leave out, full sew in protective style with or without our matching lace closures or 360 frontals to get your desired look; the options are endless.


• Mimics bone straight, relaxed hair.
• Wefted hair for sew ins or DIY custom wigs
• 100% human hair.

• Available in natural colour only. This ranges from natural black to dark brown.
• For full head sew in 16" and shorter, 2-3 bundles is required. 
• For full head sew in 18" and longer, 3 or more bundles is required. 
• 3.5oz bundle available in 12"- 22".

Frequently asked questions

  • A: This answer depends on 4 things: the size of your head, the type of hair you want to rock, the length you’re going for and where you’d like to be on the scale of natural to full on diva (think SZA or Solange).

    We recommend a minimum of 2-3 bundles for a full head sew-in. But ultimately, the final decision will depend on four things: the size of your head, the texture of hair you want to rock, the length and the look you’re trying to achieve.

    If you’re still unsure, consult with your stylist for an expert recommendation or feel free to contact us via chat, email or on social media.

  • A: KinkyCurlyYaki hair products can last up to a year or more with proper maintenance (we have some customers who have been reusing their KCY hair for more than three years!).

    Because our hair is 100 percent virgin human hair, it truly does respond to how you care for it.  With constant styling and manipulation, all hair is prone to a little bit of shedding and tangling; as such, we recommend not cutting or sewing through wefts and sealing the wefts before your sew-in install.
    For curly textures such as our My Coils, My Curls and My Kinks collections, DIY, U-part, lacefront, full lace wigs and Clip Ins can help extend the durability and life of your hair. These products allow you to remove the hair periodically for washing, conditioning, styling, and other special considerations.

    Remember…just like your own hair, curly and textured hair needs lots of moisture, but it does not respond well to products with alcohol or heavy product use. With KinkyCurlyYaki, there’s no need for hair grease or globs of gel. A simple co-wash regimen will do.

    If you experience heavy product buildup, you can treat the hair with a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep condition with a moisture rich conditioner.

    To learn more about the products we recommend using for our curly textures, click here.
    Click here hair care and maintenance tips for all our textures.

Relaxed, sleek goodness.

Giving you fullness, body, and movement you’ll love.


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