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My Kinky Curly Yaki

Love my new kinky curly yaki extensions. The quality is great, looks very natural, easy to manage and requires no attention once in placed.

My Straight Natural™- Clip Ins

Texture Samples

Love them

They are so soft and easy to clip on!!

Beautiful 18" kinky clip-ins

I haven't worn these yet, but they are absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to install them I know they will blend perfectly with my hair!

Beautiful Hair

I love my clip ins. Very natural looking! They didn’t take long to arrive. My hairstylist colored them for me and loved them so much that she ordered a set for herself!

KCY Hair hanger

4c's experience

When the clips first arrived I was skeptical because even though I ordered the kinkiest texture because I have 4c the extensions curls seemed a little bit to loose and more like a 4A pattern. Also the hair color was brown so I had to dye then myself which was an hassel. I honestly think having the option of to have the clips pre-dyed would be beneficial. I know wouldn't mind paying an extra money for it. Anyways, to blend the the clips I deceied to do a twist out I used the L-O-C method.Also Some of the clips were a little weak. In conclusion the end result was fine. Multiple people thought the clips were my hair so the blending obviously didn't come out as bad I thought. Here is a picture of my graduation photos I took. This was the first day I used the clips.

Love the quality and the hair smells good it’s so soft

Will be doing on video on my instagram Love the quality and the hair smells good it’s so soft

I feel so beautiful

it feels and looks great

Not What I Expected

I gave theee stars because the ordering process was easy and the product arrived very quickly. Now for my thoughts about the hair — it’s not exactly what I expected...especially for the cost. The curl pattern is decent it was a little frizzed upon arrival. Overall, I’d probably have to see the hair as part of a complete product to really see how it would turn out.

Love Love my clip ins

I’m super happy with my clip ins. I’ve got so many compliments. My clip ins blend so well with my natural hair. This is my second time buying clip ins from your company. I have never been disappointed.

The best hair I’ve ever purchased!

I’ve bought My Straight Light 4 times! It’s the exact texture that I love. Not too silky and not too course. Never ever tangles and very minimal shedding. The hair is amazing!


Hello, I’m sorry I’m late. I lost my mail key and wasn’t able to get into my mailbox when they were first sent. But I finally got them and I love them!! I’m going to try them out this weekend for a high bun or low bun. Thank you so much. Everything was great for me

High quality!!! I can have it all

I hate that with most stores you have to choose between a natural texture and color. I died my yaki hair and am in love!!!! Also some “light yakis” are just not yaki enough. This is the perfect blend to my 4c relaxed hair. All I have to do is wet wrap and clip them in after and they blend perfectly. I dont use heat on the extensions outside of blow drying. And the clip ins are thick and comfortable.

My Curls 18” 160g

First I want to just say I love these clips in I’ve been wearing just about everyday or every other. Couple years back I ordered the my coils clip in and loved them but when it dried it was just too puffy for my hair texture the MyCurls line is perfect. What I can say about these new ones are the actual clips are much more comfortable compared to my previous clips-ins from years back. Easy detangling and blends so well, people can’t even it’s not all my hair. I use both JessieCurls products and Curls brands products on the hair and it style amazing. Keep the hair moisturized just like it your natural hair. The more you play with the clip-in extension to more you learn how to blend and style. I’m very satisfied.

Beautiful - SAVED Me!

I was preparing for a big celebration that I’d realized a week out, I’d not planned for my hair. I decided I’d order some clip ins and enhance my look. I was going to order from a very popularized vendor online (Her Given Hair) that I’d sworn by the promotions, MUST have been black owned and operated. NOT ONLY were they absolutely NOT that (based in China), they were also quite snide in letting me know that there was no way they’d get their product to me in time and “next time I might consider ordering earlier”. UM… DUH - OBVS… but that wasn’t my situation today. I asked around and some friends pointed me to KinkyCurlyYaki. Black owned…check. Woman owned… check. Product quality… vouched for. Would deliver in time?… check - and actually delivered WAY early. The product was GORGEOUS and everyone asked me where I got them from. I’ve worn them a few times since and will continue to. VERY satisfied with the customer service, the quality and that I’m supporting a black business catering to black and brown people! Brava!

Coil Clip Ins

I love my clip ins! The texture is perfect!

The only place I would buy clip ins from.

Amazing! This is my second time purchasing the clips ins I chose the long clips ins with my first purchase and decided to go a couple inches shorter with this second purchase. I plan to purchase the long ponytail in the future. Customer service is amazing and it does not take my shipment long to get to me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, my clips match my texture so good no one ever knows I have them in unless I tell them.

Kinky curly my curls clip ins

I love love the hair! But I love the customer service! I’m big on Customer services where ever I spend my money! I love all the texts and emails and updates about my package! I love the packaging the beautiful purple sachet, that shows you care for your products as well as the People buying! You have gained a loyal customer!

Some of the best hair I’ve got from any hair Company

The hair was wonderful.. loved the tips I got to wash the hair and detangle the hair .

My Curls™- Clip Ins

Great texture

I previously bought My Straight Light, but I needed a curly texture for humid days. The Natural is the perfect texture. I lightened both sets of hair to a medium brown and the My Straight Natural shedded quite a bit more than the Light did.

Review from a 4c girl

When the hair first arrived I was a bit disappointed that hair color was brown so I had to dye the hair myself. I think that if the company offered hair coloring as option I wouldn't mind paying an extra $20-30 dollars just because dying the hair was a hassle. Also I have 4b/c hair I ordered the my kinks bundle I felt like the hair wasn't exactly 4c but, I was able to work with it. Someone asked me "is this all you" so the blending must have not been that bad. In conclusion, I'm glad there are now hair extensions options for black women who have kinky and course hair textures.

I Was Patiently Waiting, Then Anxious, Now I LOVE Them! 💜👩🏽‍🦱

I Bought The My Coily 160g Hair Extensions After Wanting To Buy Them For Months Now. My Hair Is Two Different Textures. It’s 4B In The Front And 4C In The Back (& Somewhat The Sides). So Initially, I Wanted The My Kinky Hair Type, But They Were Sold Out! So After Reading Reviews & Seeing Pics, I Decided To Buy The Coily Ones. I Wasn’t Sure If They Were Gonna Look Good On My Hair Type. Once They Came, I Put Them In & Was Anxious & Self Conscious. I Got Soo Many Compliments Ghat Morning When I Arrived At Work! Everyone Thought The Clip In’s Were REAL! I’m In Loveee, These Are Definately A GREAT Investment, Since They’ll Last A Long Timeee, I Love My New Look AND Length! Thank You, Beat Textured Hair Extension Brand And Theyre BLACK OWNED! 👸🏿💕