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Happy customer!

Received my new clip ins and I love them.
1st time buying/using clip ins and they are so cool. Ive been wanting to try clip ins for a while for length vey happy customer.
Will buy again !

Wig Caps

Fits perfectly and provides a good fit for my wig. Thank you

My Kinks Sample

Shipping and customer service was superb, they went above and beyond to assist with my concerns and issues. Wanted to try sampling before committing to the texture and it matched my 4a/ 4b hair perfectly. Plan on ordering 14 inch clip ins.

Works Perfectly

I didn't realize I placed a pre-order, so outside of the long delivery time, I have zero complaints. I purchased the 12 inch ponytail to style in a bun while in between protective styles. I love it, the texture works perfectly for me and it's easy to use and feels secure. It even passed the very honest sister test, so I'd highly recommend.

Wig Caps
Excellent customer service

I love everything about KinkyCurlyYaki. The hair is amazing and the silk base closure looks like you own scalp. I had a close up inspection by my co-workers and they couldn't believe it wasn't my hair and scalp!

Perfect go-to girl

This is now my favorite everyday accessory. Goes with anything, easy to install and has my hair texture. She’s perfect!

Confident to make my full order now!

Gave me exactly what I needed to choose the right texture for my clip ins! I wasn’t sure if I was curls or coils but know I now. The quality got me super excited too! I’m so much more confident for my full clip in purchase.

1st time Bundle buyer!

I love my hair. Treated myself to 2 bundles for Christmas. Loved it so much purchased a 3rd. Had my sister make me a wig and I am feeling my curly look!

Great wig stand

The wig stand serves its purpose and when you’re wearing the wig you can take it apart and put it away so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space when not in use!

Testing texture

I got the sample to see which hair texture is close to my hair, it long enough to test and to dye. Hair is super pretty so I decided to order the real thing.

My coils 16”pony

Oh my gosh I love my full body ponytail!!! It is BETTER than I ever imagined. Highly recommend you get it washed before they send it so it’s ready to wear!!

Texture Samples


Quality, minimal shedding

Good quality hair

I love the hair, it matches my curl pattern perfectly

So far so good

Everything is amazing; color, doesn't tangle, little to no shedding (even when washing), and blends beautifully. 4 stars bc one of the clips is kinda torn off now, but I also charge that to the fact I'm usually throwing this on manically while rushing to xyz. So if you also can be a lil aggresive too lol, just take extra note . All in all happy customer!

Kinky Texture Sample

Helped me figure out which texture matched my hair perfectly excited for my order!

Love love love. 5 stars

Love product
Mixes well with own hair

Kinky Curly

Great curl, good quality, blends beautifully AND black owned! Delivery to the UK was ok considering the pandemic. Will definitely be purchasing again. Thank you Kinkycurlyyaki xx

KCY x CurlShoppe Hair Care Intro kit

Great starter kit!

My Curls - Clip

Excellent hair! Thank you!

I'm very pleased

I am very pleased with my purchase! I love my hair hanger. It's a great way to let the hair dry overnight.

I love it!!!

I am so pleased with my purchase! The natural color looks fantastic! I'll be a repeat customer for sure!

Great quality!

I was happily surprised at the quality, texture and color of the hair. It will blend in easily with my hair. It would also be great if you could also carry a line of pony tails that has just a little less bulk.

Give three because I didn’t get everything I ordered

I first want to say offering samples is fantastic is very helpful in making the right choice for your hair type. The ease of ordering great.
I ordered two curls samples and one coils and got one kinks, one coils and one curls in my ordered. I also like the one comb samples better than two combs it is easier for me dye it and also showing my friends what type of hair they should order. Thanks

Good Quality

Love my clip ins. I bleached it. It bleached well, just remember you have to watch it. Something I did not do. I bleached it and walked away and came back really blonde hair. lol . It still look cute tho. I made it work. The hair itself is good quality and the delivery was quick.