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Afro Kinky Curly - Clip Ins

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Instantly transform your look with our most popular texture in clip-Ins!

Our clip-ins are designed to give you length, fullness and volume in minutes. 

Afro Kinky Curly clip-ins are 100% virgin remy hair that has been steam processed to mimic the 4A afro kinky hair pattern. More details on the texture.

Created to blend seamlessly with your own natural hair, our clips ins can be dyed, washed, twisted out, bantu knotted and more!

Each set of clip-ins come with silicone tipped metal combs that can clip in without needing braids to secure the clip-ins.

Hair comes in natural colour only. Width sizing for the pieces are approximate, however, the number of pieces stays the same. 

60g - 5 pieces - 2x 6" wide, 3x 5" wide

120g - 9 pieces - 5x 6" wide, 2x 5" wide, 2x 3" wide

160g - 9 pieces - 5x 6" wide, 2x 5" wide, 2x 3" wide

220g - 9 pieces - 5x 6" wide, 2x 5" wide, 2x 3" wide





Product FAQs

Afro Kinky Curly's length is measured in it's straight state. This hair prone to shrinkage (just like your owns kinks), therefore, please refer to the lengths below and choose your lengths accordingly. 

Straight Length Curly Length (approx.)
12" 4-5"
14" 5-6"
16" 7-8"
18" 9-10"
20" 11-12"
22" 13-14"
24" 15-16"








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Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed

Adds character and makes me set my goal

Loving. Loving. Loving this hair.

I've been wearing the hair pretty consistently for a month and the texture is fabulous. I purchased the Afro Kinky Curly clip ins. I twist my leave out to cover the top and it blends perfectly. Curly hair needs tender love and care so I keep it moisturized with an conditioner/water/oil mixture and twist it occassionally and it keeps it moisture and tame and it looks like the most perfect twistout ever. Without product it becomes a full on afro which is cool too if that's the look you're going for. Sheds normally for extensions but I haven't experienced any matting which is great.

I was a little concerned about the price but the texture and quality of the hair are superb so this definitly qualifies as investment hair. I'd be shocked if I didn't get a full year out of this hair.

Afo Kinky Curly

I love my clip ins! And yes..these are my first...I have no complaints.

love them!

I purchased the Afro Kinky Curly - Clip Ins and I'm officially in love. No one can tell that it isn't my hair and I've experiemented with several styles and fully embraced this new protective style strategy. Thank you

Please Get Sample Textures !

I will still give these clip-ins a 3 out of 5 because they are great, but they are very expensive considering the hair quality. The pros I have are -it’s manageable, the wefts are very durable, the clips on the clip-ins are very sturdy.
Cons: time consuming to detangle ( they were not lying when they said it was high-maintenance) the hair sheds quite a lot, and price-point wise this is one of the more expensive brands.

Please whatever you do, spend the extra money to get the samples of the hair. I was under the impression this would match my hair type, but it did not. I would have benefited from first learning which texture fit with my hair type.

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