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Figuring out which hair texture is right for you is not always as simple as looking at a picture. Our texture samples make it easy to compare each of our available textures in the comfort of your home before making a larger purchase investment.


· Available in 2 widths - 2" & 4"
     · 2" with and without clip - limited quantity
     · 4" with clip 
· All textures measure 10"-12" long in length (curly is shorter due to shrinkage) 

Frequently asked questions

  • My Straight Light™ - If you want hair that matches a relaxed/silky, bone straight look, ‘Straight Light’ is the way to go.
    My Straight Natural™  - If you like a more textured, straight look,  ‘Straight Natural’ is a great choice.

    My Straight Coarse™  – If you’re a natural girl and are looking for a straight texture that will blend well with your blown out tresses, ‘Straight Coarse’ is what you want.

    My Curls™  – ‘Curls’ is our loosest curl pattern and blends best with 3C hair.

    My Coils™ – Our ‘Coils’ texture our best seller, has a tighter curl than our ‘Curls’ collection and blends best with 4A hair.

    My Kinks™  – Our ‘Kinks’ texture, is our tightest, kinkiest curl pattern and blends best with 4C hair.

  • A: We sell 100 percent virgin human hair and don’t currently offer a dye service. It will be shipped to you in its natural colour. You are free to dye it whatever colour you wish, once you receive it. 

    For our grey haired sistas, unfortunately we do not carry salt and pepper grey hair at this time. 

  • A: Absolutely! All KinkyCurlyYaki products are made from 100 percent human hair and can be cut, colored and styled as if it were your own. You can darken it, lighten it, lay it to the side or make it shorter, but remember: just like our own hair, your KinkyCurlyYaki requires a good maintenance routine to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

    Each purchase is accompanied by a set of care and maintenance tips specific to that particular texture. You can also find those located here. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Teletia T. (Richmond, VA, US)

Texture Samples

Sharon U. (Gadsden, AL, US)
Love the 4C natural hair blend

I bought two kinky samples and you cannot tell the difference between the clip-ins and my own natural 4C hair. I didn't color or anything. I just washed it and applied the LOC Method and BOOM!

Marcella (Charlotte, NC, US)
Looks the same

The kinky coarse blowout and the straight coarse blowout hair looks the same to me. Neither provide the Yaki look that I was hoping for. They both look like shiny but frizzy hair. Even after washing them.

Customer (Locust Grove, GA, US)
Honest Review

The delay in receiving the texture sample I ordered honestly left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth initially but I must say that the hair is of great quality and very natural looking. The sample actually looks alot like my natural texture which is great!

Tina (Woodbridge, VA, US)
Sample Textures Review: My Curls, My Coils, My Kinks

The sample package was shipped and delivered in a timely fashion, which I absolutely loved! I ordered three samples: my coils, my curls, and my kinks.

After receiving the samples, I followed the instructions included with the hair in terms of washing and conditioning. All samples fared well in washing; however, the My Kinks sample was rough to the touch after taking out of the package as well as after washing and conditioning.

As instructed after washing, I styled the samples as I would my own hair: twist out and straightened. All samples performed well in terms of heat and transitioning back to its natural state after another wash. Again, the My Kinks was the worst out of the bunch in terms of touch. It felt as if it was half human hair and half synthetic and probably would not do well with tons of manipulation or beyond a month or two. Granted, the sample received could’ve been a bad one out of the bunch sent —so take this review with a grain of salt! The My Coils and My Curls were amazing under various styles!

Overall, the samples received were good, especially the My Curls and My Coils samples. As stated above, the quickness in delivery is an added plus!