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Weft Sealant

Protect your investment with a little bottle of goodness. We highly recommend you seal your wefts to prevent shedding. Our weft sealer will prolong the life of your extensions. It comes in a dark and natural color for seamless blending. It’s also water resistant and quick drying.

How do I use a weft sealer?

Shake well before using. Next, apply a thin coat along the weft (or threaded) part of the hair. It’s similar to using nail polish. Allow to dry completely (it dries almost immediately). Apply a second coat.

Why are there two different prices for weft sealers?

We had an oopsie during shipping! Weft sealers priced at $10 have cosmetic damage to the labels, due to spillage from other bottles. The bottles themselves are still good and still sealed.

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Customer Reviews

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Nothing but compliments

This was my first time purchasing any form of hair. In a market with so many available options KinkyCurlyYaki was the best and was highly recommended. The clip-ins are great quality I had them colored professionally to match my hair color and the ultimate compliment was no one knew unless I told them. I will always recommend KinkyCurlyYaki !

Exact & True

All that I read before making a purchase of my sealant and hair clips was exact and true! I love the texture of the hair that matched up perfectly. KinkyCurlyYaki is my go to product for hair needs

Weft Sealant

Weft Sealant the smell is strong but other then that it’s a good product.

Weft Sealant

Smell was a little strong, but it appears that the sealant cut down on shedding.

Will Buy Again!

I've ordered from KCY numerous times, however this is my first time ordering the Weft Sealant. I must say I really do think it helps in terms of shedding, but my only issue, which is completely my fault is using a little too much and getting residue. I was able to wash it off and redo it with just the right amount. I would definitely recommend! Also, I'll be posting a review on my youtube channel under Livy P. about it as well!

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