Wefted Hair

If wefted hair is your thing, our full (4oz) and half (2oz) bundles provide great coverage for protective and damage-free sew-in styles.

Full Coverage. Your Way.

Wefted hair is your secret ingredient for creating new looks you’ll love every day. All bundles are machine-wefted and are available in their natural black to dark brown color. They can be washed, dyed, cut and styled. Our half bundles are 2 oz each. We recommend purchasing 2 - 2.5 bundles for a full, voluminous look when purchasing hair under 16" and 2.5 - 3 bundles for a full voluminous look when purchasing hair longer than 16". Use our machine wefted bundles to create easy extensions, achieve a natural-looking sew-in, custom wigs or ponytails … the options are endless!