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human hair extensions for black women

5 Reasons to buy from KinkyCurlyYaki

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#5. Largest selection with 5 textures to choose from

#4. Only the highest quality hair

#3. Unbeatable prices

#2. Fastest processing & shipping (and we're in Toronto, Canada!)

#1. Great customer service with a smile :)

human hair extensions, proud to be a black owned business


human hair extensions in 6 beautiful textures

KinkyCurlyYaki Natural Hair Blog

8 Natural Hair Styles to Wear This Spring

March 21, 2018

Curly Clip In Extensions | KinkyCurlyYaki

This year is set to offer inspiration and diversity of natural hair and textures everywhere, from the corporate office to the big box. Modern women are ready to embrace their natural beauty and we hope that our top picks for spring styles help you embrace yours!

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How to Identify and Care for Hair Types 3 & 4

February 28, 2018

Natural Hair Types | KinkyCurlyYaki

Your hair type is identified by a number of characteristics such as your curl pattern and thickness. You can have one hair type or a mixture. In many cases your hair type changes and evolves as you grow older. Knowing and understanding the pattern of your curls is important when it comes to styling and caring for natural hair styles. 

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