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5 Reasons to buy from KinkyCurlyYaki

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#5. Largest selection with 5 textures to choose from

#4. Only the highest quality hair

#3. Unbeatable prices

#2. Fastest processing & shipping (and we're in Toronto, Canada!)

#1. Great customer service with a smile :)

human hair extensions, proud to be a black owned business


human hair extensions in 6 beautiful textures

KinkyCurlyYaki Natural Hair Blog

12 Celebrities Embracing Their Natural Hair

February 16, 2018

Celebrities are embracing natural hair styles and showing that confidence in who you are goes a long way. Whether you are transitioning to your natural hair texture or just beginning to understand your curl pattern, we have you covered. Check our our list of celebs to inspire you to harness the power of your crown.

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Why Raven-Symone's Hair Story Is Our Ambition

January 26, 2018


For Raven, her natural hair is saved for her family and her close friends. It’s the hair she wears in her safe space, while her wigs are for work. For you, your natural hair could be the hair you wear when you take your children to the park while a stylish natural hair wig helps you maintain your individual style effortlessly day in and day out. 

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