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5 Reasons to buy from KinkyCurlyYaki

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#5. Largest selection with 5 textures to choose from

#4. Only the highest quality hair

#3. Unbeatable prices

#2. Fastest processing & shipping (and we're in Toronto, Canada!)

#1. Great customer service with a smile :)

human hair extensions, proud to be a black owned business


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KinkyCurlyYaki Natural Hair Blog

13 YouTube Video to Watch for Styling Your 4C Hair

September 15, 2017

It can be very frustrating when you want to style your natural kinky curly hair but cannot think of any new hairstyles. When you are weary of your everyday plaits or twist outs and are looking for something fun and interesting, there are vloggers on YouTube to give you some inspiration. Here are 13 YouTube vloggers to follow for inspiration, style tips and more. 

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  • 9 Superfoods for Your Kinky Curly Hair

    September 08, 2017

    Every Queen dreams of having luscious and gorgeous locks – voluminous and lush crowns that inspire and captivate. Healthy and luscious kinky curly hair is within reach no matter your hair type or texture by making small changes in your lifestyle routine and diet. You may be doing everything from deep conditioning to oiling but did you know you can make your kinky curly hair healthy and shiny by including a few superfoods in your diet? Here are the 9 superfoods that are known to give you the defined curls you want.

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