About Us - The KinkyCurlyYaki Story

Our Story

My name is Vivian Kaye. I'm the Founder & CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki

love my natural hair.
I also love wearing protective styles such as weaves, wigs & braids so that I can give my hair some rest from time to time, or to just be able change up my look depending on my mood. Girl....You know how it is.  

In 2010, after watching tons of videos of ladies torturing & killing their own natural hair to blend with exotic textures like "Brazilian", "Peruvian" & "Malaysian", I started searching for textures that looked believable and blended seamlessly with my own hair  (which is 4Z..and yes, I made that up!) as I was tired of the infamous "African in the front, Indian in the back".

So I searched and searched and searched. I found that most hair extension companies carried only light yaki or kinky straight, but it was buried underneath the exotic silky texture du jour.  

I made up my mind to create a company that only sold high quality, kinky, natural looking textured hair extensions. 

That's how KinkyCurlyYaki was born.

Founder & CEO KinkyCurlyYaki

We're based in Toronto, Canada. We're family operated business with big hearts & big smiles. We pride ourselves on being straight forward, customer service focused and dedicated to keeping it kinky. So kinky, that's it's kanky. Word is bond. (See my 90s are showing!)



Why buy hair from us?

Because you never want to hear "Is it real?" again!

Since 2012, we've been fooling your friends, family & bae with 5 textures that look so real, you could swear it was growing out of your own head. 

Whether it's the sleek, relaxed look of light yaki, the blown out look of coarse yaki or the full diva-ness of afro kinky curly, all of our hair is 100% high quality virgin human hair. Our hair is steam processed for the textures. There are no synthetic fillers, no chemicals, no fake-o beauty supply hair shine on any of our textures. 

We're also reasonably priced. Not only are we competitively priced, we have real sales too! We also partner with awesome people through our KCY Affiliates program & hold online events to offer exclusive discounts. Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and sign up for our newsletter to hear about exclusive platform discounts. 

We have fabulous customer service.  Thanks to our team who has worn, worked with and love the textures that we sell.

I honestly love our products and hope it shows through the care and service we give.          I hope you it too!