My Curls™ - Closures & Frontals

$177.00 USD

Loose kinky curls closures for your sew ins and custom wigs. 

MADE TO ORDER: This is not a stock item.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Our premium My Curls™ 3C closures make your hairline, scalp and parted styles appear natural and add a seamless finishing touch while providing complete protection for your own natural hair.

Lace & 360 frontals have been temporarily discontinued due to COVID-19 shortages.


• Mimics type 3C curl pattern.
• Hand tied
• 100% human hair.

• Available in natural colour only. This ranges from natural black to dark brown. 
• lace & silk closures:
    • hair is 14" in length
    • closure is 3.5"deep x 4" wide
• lace & 360 frontals:
    • hair is 16" in length
    • lace frontal is 13"wide x 4" deep
    • 360 frontal is 23.5" in circumference 


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Full Specs

All of our curly textures are measured straight. Due to the kinky nature of our textures, there will be shrinkage, just like your own hair. Please refer to the length chart below to ensure you order the appropriate length. 

My Curls™ - 3C curl pattern.
Curly lengths are approximate.

Straight Length 14" 16"
Curly Length 9" 11"

Frequently asked questions

  • A: Closures and frontals are two different things but they both serve the same purpose-to close off a weave install or a wig.

    They both eliminate the need of having to leave your natural hair out to blend with the extensions.

    Lace frontals are bigger and wider; they run ear to ear covering your entire hairline at the front. Lace closures are smaller and they primarily close off the horsehoe or "u-part" portion of an install.

    Lace frontals are more versatile because they can be parted anywhere ear to ear and lace closures can only be middle or side parted.

    They can both be sewn on or glued on. Either a frontal or closure will close off your install and make it look more natural
  • A: When you want to protect all of your hair from the elements, including heat damage, a closure is the best way to go. Not only does it protect your hair, a closure also gives off the illusion it’s growing from your scalp. It can look as natural as your own hair.

    We offer two types of closures: Lace and Silk. Here’s a closer look at the two:

    Lace Closure
    A lace closure is a mesh with hair tied onto it. Upon close up inspection, the tied hair looks like little knots. Maybe you’ve heard of bleaching the knots? If you get a lace closure, you may need to bleach the knots to create a more realistic appearance of the hair growing from your scalp. We recommend faux bleaching the knots by applying powder foundation to the knots with a makeup brush until you reach a blend-able tint.

    Silk Closure 
    With silk closures, you don’t need to worry about bleaching the knots. That’s because the knots are covered up by a layer of silk material. Although you don’t need to bleach the knots, you will most likely need to bleach the silk. Silk comes in one colour. So, for it to match your scalp, you should dye or tint it. For staining silk, we recommend soaking it in a mixture of black tea and liquid makeup foundation, or staining it.

    A quick search on Youtube will show you the many ways to customize and install closures. 

  • A: Designed to mimic an entire hairline, frontals are the latest innovation in protective styling. 

    The versatility of frontals are endless. With lace frontals, the ear to ear coverage is perfect for when you don't want to leave any hair out, for those who have thinning edges and those with traction alopecia. 

    360 frontals provide all around coverage, from front to back. Perfect for high ponytails and updos with our natural textured extensions.


  • A: This answer depends on 4 things: the size of your head, the type of hair you want to rock, the length you’re going for and where you’d like to be on the scale of natural to full on diva (think SZA or Solange).

    We recommend a minimum of 2-3 bundles for a full head sew-in. But ultimately, the final decision will depend on four things: the size of your head, the texture of hair you want to rock, the length and the look you’re trying to achieve.

    If you’re still unsure, consult with your stylist for an expert recommendation or feel free to contact us via chat, email or on social media.

Embrace your crown.

Mimicking the corkscrew pattern of 3C hair, so you can enjoy a fabulous and fierce ‘do everyday.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lashawn M. (Plainfield, IL, US)

I love my hair!! It is lovely, I am told all the time.

Shun'Tanna A. (Alpharetta, GA, US)
Fantastic product but shipping speed is snail

This time i ordered product on 23 June, received on 4 August. The last time was about 8 weeks as well. So order this hair months in advance. I am delighted with the quality, though.

Nicole H. (Arlington, VA, US)

Excellent quality hair. I will continue to order.

Deborah C. (Reynoldsburg, OH, US)
closure hair

Good quality but not quite what I was looking for. A little pricey but excellent hair.

Elizabeth B. (Sacramento, CA, US)
Soft and Beautiful

The hair is soft and the texture is exactly what I was looking for.