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Kinky Blow Out - Closures

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Need to complete your look without leaving any of your own hair out? Closures are the answer!

Kinky Blow Out closures gives the illusion of hair growing from your scalp. It allows you to finish your look without having to blend your hair with the wefts as it blends easily with the rest of the hair extensions. 

Made with 100% virgin remy hair steam processed to the texture. 

All of our closures are hand tied, so TLC is required when combing, brushing and washing.



  • Free style - can be parted in any direction
  • 14" long
  • 4" x 4" 
  • 80%-100% density
  • natural black colour
  • light baby hair
  • available in lace or silk

Product FAQs

What's the difference between lace & silk closures?

Lace Closure

A lace closure is a mesh with hair tied onto it. Upon close up inspection, the tied hair looks like little knots. Maybe you’ve heard of bleaching the knots? If you get a lace closure, you may need to bleach the knots to create a more realistic appearance of the hair growing from your scalp. We recommend faux bleaching the knots by applying powder foundation to the knots with a makeup brush until you reach a blend-able tint.


Silk Closure

With silk closures, you don’t need to worry about bleaching the knots. That’s because the knots are covered up by a layer of silk material. Although you don’t need to bleach the knots, you will most likely need to bleach the silk. Silk comes in one one color. So, for it to match your scalp, you should dye or tint it. For staining silk, we recommend soaking it in a mixture of black tea and liquid makeup foundation, or painting it.

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